Lately I’ve gotten into podcasts but the first one I was introduced to was the Joe Rogan Experience by my brother. It didn’t stick well with me, I didn’t know what podcasts were and why they were an hour long. I started listening to them on YouTube at night when I couldn’t fall asleep and then obviously found myself falling asleep during the podcasts. When I woke up I didn’t remember where I stopped listening, so the next night I had to start listening from the beginning again. Many nights passed before I told myself, "I think I should really stop listening to podcasts while trying to sleep”. Then my girlfriend shared her Spotify account with me one day and I stumbled upon the Book of Basketball 2.0 by Bill Simmons & the Ringer. Now, most of the time I listen to that podcast whenever I workout in the morning.

Podcasts have been growing in popularity but it wasn’t until I myself found it enjoying that I thought to myself that this seems like a fun thing to do. I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast for a while now. Blogging is great, I get to do what I love in writing and it’s amazing to be able to express myself, but I wonder if I have so much to express in written words, how much more would I be able to share in a podcast. A podcast with a friend, a conversation where we can be candid and share our experiences with people and hopefully people can enjoy it along with us. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to throw away my blog, it only means I’m going to be sharing in another way on another platform.

Yesterday I was out with a few friends, it’s been a really long while since we last had a little gathering (damn you covid) but we finally did. Me and a friend got down to talking about the screenplays, the blogs and then finally me looking to start a podcast. I told him I was looking for a talking partner and voila, so was he. He’s been interested in doing a podcast too! Now I’ve got another project to look forward to which is no less exciting than any of the other ventures that I’ve gotten myself into. Hoping you all have something to look forward to as much as I do in these future podcasts that we will be working on!

I’m a Burmese/Thai guy in my mid twenties, living in Yangon. This page is a blog about my journey to find balance in life, a writing space and this is my story.